The Colorino is our flagship!

Colorino is a red grape variety, originally from our Tuscany, often used in blends with other vines.

Ahead of the times, we dared to create a one-of-a-kind wine.

Colorino has a deep color tending towards purplish, the nose shows intense aromas of dark red fruits such as cherry and plum, combined with spicy and earthy nuances. It offers a robust structure with firm tannins, balanced by good acidity. Aging in oak barrels further influences the aromatic profile and complexity of this wine, predisposing it to aging.

In this tasting, where rare bottles will be opened for you, you will witness the power of time on this wine and grasp all the nuances that the years can give to high quality products!


You will taste: 1 wine with 3 aging levels


COLORINO – Red wine produced from 100% Colorino grapes


Minimum: 4 people

Duration: approximately 50 minutes


Cost: on request


For a more complete immersion you can accompany the tasting with a guided tour of our historic cellar.