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The Tenuta Il Corno has a long, ancient tradition in cultivation of grapes and production of good wines and these activities have started in the 14th century and have been carried on with the same passion.

With the passing of time, the winery has selected autochthones grape varieties, which produce high quality Tuscan wines, such as the Colorino del Corno or the Malvasia di Santa Lucia used for the typical Tuscan dessert wine called Vin Santo, or several clones of original Tuscan Sangiovese grapes.

This selection of clones is possible thanks to our “own roots plants”, over 300 years old. We improve the technological production but we really believe in “Culture” of Tuscan territory.

As for wine, also the tradition of producing olive oil has very ancient roots. Our oil mills –frantoio – and jar rooms – orciaia – have been used since the 15th century and they have always been appreciated for their production quality

Throughout the centuries the cultivar of the “Leccino del Corno” (olive variety) has been consolidated and, together with other typically Tuscan varieties (Correggiolo, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccino), produces an excellent and high quality extra virgin olive oil. Olive grinding is still made with cold pressing process. In the last ten years, our extra vergin olive oil got a lot of recognitions, such as the gold medal of Ercole Olivario, one of the most important national competitions.