“blind tasting”

There are an infinite number of factors that contribute to the formation of a bunch. Soil, water, temperature. The whole context affects the quality of the fruit. For his part, man decides when the time has come to pick the grapes and how to transform them into wine, tasting them every day, for a period ranging from a few months to a few years – through fermentation, maturation and refinement – until it becomes as he would like. “…and like art – according to Wedler – the more effort you put into it, the more energy and time you dedicate to it, the more easily it is enjoyable…”

This sensorial journey, with wines to be tasted, combined with specific foods and spices, will make the wine more readable, more enjoyable and understandable. We will try to transform  wine into a more decipherable and easier to think tool.

It’s a game that, once learned, can be repeated endlessly even at home, and will help you refine your taste-olfactory perceptions.


You will taste 3 surprise wines


Minimum: 4 people

Duration: approximately 1 hour


Cost: €30.00 per person


For a more complete immersion you can accompany the tasting with a guided tour of our historic cellar.