Face Cream "Enodermina"

Anti aging cream with Colorino del Corno wine extracts. The Colorino grape is an original clone from "Tuscia" (the ancient Tuscan land )
Face Cream "Enodermina"
  • Derived by wild grapevines (Vitis silvestris) which are widespread in this region and also called "Lambrusche" grapes ,typical for giving a intense red colour to the wine, as their skin contained big quantities of anthocyanic and polyphenolic substances, in particular, resveratrol.

    Considering all, we decided to extract these substances from its lees and create an anti aging face creams, your skin may be protected by the passing of the time.

Tenuta il Corno

It is one of the most beautiful estates in Val di Pesa and was built by the ancient Del Corno family in the 12th century.


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+39 055 824851 (from 9am to 6pm)

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Via Malafrasca, 64
50026, San Casciano Val di Pesa
Località San Pancrazio - Firenze
Latitude 43.62163
Longitude 11.14752