As for wine, the tradition of producing olive oil has very ancient roots. Our oil mills –frantoio - and jar rooms – orciaia - have been used since the 15th century and they have always been appreciated for their production quality

Throughout the centuries the cultivar of the "Leccino del Corno" (olive variety) has been consolidated and, together with other typically Tuscan varieties (Correggiolo, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccino), produces an excellent and high quality extra virgin olive oil. Olive grinding is still made with cold pressing process. In the last ten years, our extra vergin olive oil got a lot of recognitions, such as the gold medal of Ercole Olivario, one of the most important national competitions.

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  • Plant number about 10,000
  • Harvest period From the end of October
  • Harvest system Traditional hand-picking
  • Extraction method With ALFA LAVAL continuous 3-phase mills
  • Crushing process In the 24 hours following harvest
  • Defoliation and washing With cold water
  • Crushing process With stainless steel plates
  • Kneading With stainless steel plates
  • Cold extraction With decanters
  • Vertical centrifuge Adding microfiltered water
  • Storage In stainless steel vats
  • Acidity 0,2
  • Peroxides <7
  • Colour Intense, fruity, fresh
  • Bouquet Emerald green
  • Flavour Delightful, full and balanced with notes of artichoke and green apple and herbal hints, with a spicy, slightly bitter aftertaste
  • Use Ideal for meat and fish, salads and raw or cooked legumes. Pour a bit of this oil on a slice of toasted bread and you’ll taste the best of it!

  • Ercole Olivario 2nd golden
  • Medal 4 Gran Menzioni
  • Listed by C.d.C.Fi among Tuscany’s 10 best oil mills
Tenuta il Corno

It is one of the most beautiful estates in Val di Pesa and was built by the ancient Del Corno family in the 12th century.


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Wine and Oil
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Via Malafrasca, 64
50026, San Casciano Val di Pesa
Località San Pancrazio - Firenze
Latitude 43.62163
Longitude 11.14752